A heavenly abode, indeed. Isn't it?

For me, books have always been a huge source of happiness and composure. 

Recently when one of my friends had given me a shed-load of books, I was awestruck for a split of second! I had been literally jumping in joy at that moment. My little brother had been staring at me for few minutes and then he gave me that weird look as if I had gone insane. But he could only gaze at me in astonishment! :P

Books have moved me at some point of my life and have lived with me ever since. I guess each book consumes us for a portion of our lives, and so some part of them too lives forever in us.

What make books so striking?

Like the appetite which is removed by food, man has a craving for knowledge. He is curious to know things. This yearning desire for knowledge is satisfied by books. Other than knowledge, books can get through to you. They change your imagination; they take you to the places you’ve never been, to the chunks of quotes,in the lives of the mesmerizing characters in it, which as a whole comfort and incentivize you. 

I believe that our lives are made of the experiences we’ve had. And certainly, reading is one of the captivating and wonderful experience of life which can sway the dimensions of the world around you. 

As it is said books are our true companions. They really are!! Books can absolutely swing your mood. For those who make reading a part of their life, tranquility of mind is an automatic outcome.

P.S.: Whenever I feel a surge of anxiety, nothing comes to my rescue like a book does. There's nothing like getting your hands on a book, ambush the couch along with a cup of coffee and fill yourself with the fragrance of creativity and insights. 

Even books are the cheapest vacation you can buy.

Happy Reading people!