You know that expression, the one saying, “Change is inevitable.”

As with all life changing moments, it seems like being a 20-something can actually turn your life upside down! Every so often I hear people (at least the ones around me) telling, “It’s 20. It’s high time!” The decade begins when you are still in college, heading towards your goals and dreams and want to make them true in any possible way! You step out from your teenage where you can make mistakes, learn and grow. But being in your 20s is a little bit different.


I tried to list few frequent realizations that we listen, talk about and encounter. Since, I am in my early twenties I will share some of the upheavals and wonders of being a 20-something, related to the things I’ve retained so far.

The reality check
Time to time you must’ve had 100 different people telling you that “Wait until you graduate and go out in the real world,” or “Graduating next year, huh? You’ll finally be in the real world.” You freak out a little but then you end up thinking that it’s the time for you to get yourself together, prepare to manage your own funds, leave the nest and be self-reliant.

*We’re all penny wise these days!!
As you advance towards making money all by yourself you gradually become aware of the fact that money-making is not at all plain sailing , instead you try to save it and have a little hoard of money for some of your personal expenses. At times I am like “I CANNOT do that. It cost MONEY!”

*We sure know that choices are the hinges of destiny.
On the verge of becoming a full time adult you perceive the significance of making right decisions in your life; choices related to career, people, also a better understanding of the eternal difference between right and wrong. Entering 20 and still not certain about your choices, well it’s the time for some self-analysis. Isn’t it?

This is the time when you KNOW you are getting old!
Every so often , you find yourself grumbling about the younger generation, as in the kind of songs they listen to or how the entire scenario was much different when you were young. And then you hold your tongue because you notice how old you sound! Ok, jokes apart!! All I can say that you actually GROW UP. Right?

*A lot of learning
You RESET your priorities. Eventually you comprehend that it is important to focus on what you wish to do and how you envision yourself at the end of the day. You learn to deal with heartbreaks, failure and take them as the lessons learnt from life! Moreover, you ultimately realize that LIFE is okay with few people in it, but few real people.

*You terribly MISS old times
What one loves in the childhood stays in the heart forever. Be it your school friends, teachers, the old stuff or anything else .. you’ll always feel an extraordinary connection with all of them!! And I know no matter how old you get , there will always be an urge to rejoice those good old days.

So, I can’t proclaim this as the END of the hyperactive transformations of being in 20s. In fact, life will be a mess but I will try to be a little messy because I know there are more and more changes, realizations, on the way!!