While I was placing books in a neat pile in my room, all of a sudden my attention drifted to a book that I reviewed some months ago. “Operation Mom - How I got my mother a life … and a man” by Reenita Malhotra Hora - an entertaining story about a seventeen years old girl, who makes her mind to fix her mum’s life! And a topic re-entered my mind - AGE. To some it may be just a number (alike, in such an age this young girl makes all possible efforts to settle her mother, is undoubtedly commendable and inspiring!) or a state of mind, or it could be an indicator of maturity or simply growing older or being young at heart forever and so forth. Age is one of those things which can vary our understanding, our attitude at a stroke! And teenage is one of those passing phase in one’s life having a lot in front that is yet to be explored!

We all are aware of how life changes in a big way when you turn ‘thirteen’. Teenagers, needless to say, undergo a transition from childhood to adulthood, includes physical changes, breakdowns, annoyance and number of things that one feels during this period of time, and these things are not always so great! 

The young of all generations are filled with inquisitiveness and find themselves in a quandary. They are often treated like children but expected to behave like adults. There is a sort of teenage mutiny over matters such as outlooks, fashion, knowledge, facts, rules, restrictions… and the other people around them feel like that suddenly not being 13 seemed a crime like never before! :P But, coupled with that is a teen’s mind (still under construction), full of zest and spark!

Life literally seems a roller coaster ride. You get overwhelmingly passionate about people around you, some change to good friends whilst some to best friends, while at times you get distressed and at a split of second your life gets spiced up again!!

My memories transcended this young girl though.. and took me back years ago! I remember the days where a single fight with any of my best buddies ruined my day,when I’d made friendship bands with strings and ribbons or pester mom to buy some from the store to gift my friends, where my mom kept nudging me, in front of everyone, to greet and talk properly to uncles and aunties, where I thought that I was the only one going through these weird changes and nobody (I mean nobody in this entire world) could understand my sentiments and desires. :P (Silly but true!)

So, to deal with such strange alterations in your teenage and de-stress, here are some common follow-up suggestions/steps that help you to re-energize and keep going.

*TALK TO FOLKS: In case you feel directionless or distraught or anything else, it’s best to have a frank chat with your parents! Believe your parents intention about wanting the best for you, and they’ll trust your intuition about what’ll make you uncomfortable.

*Mingle and make friends!Get over your discomfort. Ask questions, understand everything and learn with gratitude.But remember to have faith in your instincts.

*Pursue something which makes you feel jovial. Make time for yourself.
Read. Play a sport. Design something. Sing. Dance. Write. Cook.
Your interests/passions would help you to get rid of stress.

*And the most pivotal thing is relish each moment! You won't get through these years easily without being content. Realize who you are & be happy about it! Love yourself. Be YOU. It's no fun dissimulating to be someone else. Instead, make yourself better.
Simple! Really. :)

And like I said earlier, it’s just a  phase of life, and you'll get over it. It obviously has its own pros and cons! But at the end of it, you would grasp some mind-boggling lessons of life!