Title : “Operation Mom - How I got my mother a life … and a man” 
Author: Reenita Malhotra Hora
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Genre: Young adult fiction, Chick lit
This is an entertaining story about a juvenile girl, Ila Isham who makes her mind to fix her mother’s life . The book is all about the fascinating ride of a daughter who is fanatical about her mom’s life, which is portrayed in an extremely reviting way.

As the back cover says ‘ When you try to set your mom’s life right, be prepared to have your own turned upside down’. The story presents you a seventeen years old Punjabi girl , Ila Isham who wants to become Ali Zafar’s groupie. She is overwhelmingly passionate about Ali Zafar, a pop singer . Her mom , Veena Isham is a freelance journalist, who at all times remains occupied with her work.

Ila’s life is indeed very complicated as she has some major issues. One of them certainly involves that her parents have been separated. Like any other kid of her age she was disturbed and distressed about their split. She was anxious about her mom’s disordered life. So, she settles on a plan of action, ‘Operation Mom’ in order to bring some sort of exhilaration in her mum’s life. Through social networking sites like lagan.com and OKCupid.com, she sets up a perfect profile on these dating sites to find a quintessential gentleman for her mother. The story also involves some other interesting characters. Such as her best friend Deepali, a sharp-witted and stylish chic, who has her own way of handling her three dates at a time. Also, Aunty Maleeka, her mom’s best friend, whose outlandish ideas lead to chaotic situations. Dev, one of Deepali’s date also helps Ila to accomplish her mission ‘Operation Mom’. The story depicts that how a daughter’s life gets influenced while making her mother’s life exciting and kicky. Ila’s life takes an unanticipated turn during her arduous journey in the search of a perfect date for her mother. She gets to meet some freakish and weird middle aged men, who add more troubles in her task to redirect her mom’s focus on her romantic life.

As you gradually get involved in the story, it will raise numerous questions in your mind. Will Ila be able to find a perfect match for her mother? Or is she able to settle down the differences between her parents? Eventually, will her mother get to know about her plan? How Ila’s life gets spiced up while executing her plan? And so on. But the end of the story will leave you in amazement.

My review
An enthralling and tangled tale of Ila, will surely make you laugh and adds up to your curiosity to find out what happens next. The author tinged the story with elements of humor, emotions, suspense and puzzles which makes the story more entertaining and enjoyable. The plot of the story consists of fascinating characters who completely add a terrific effect to an awesome storyline. The witty remarks in the story are captivating.

The kind of words and sentences used in the book distinctly shows author’s great intellect and brilliance. The sarcastic conversations between Ila and her mother were thoroughly hilarious. The book represents a beautiful and the most precious relationship of a mother and daughter. I loved the way how author added segments of emotions and feelings in the story. Huge chunks of typical Indian family make this book interesting.

For me, it was a totally refreshing and light read. My experience with the book was super fantastic. I simply loved the way how Ila makes all possible efforts to fix up her mum’s life. In spite of every obstacle she faced during her operation, she remained determined to search a perfect life-partner for her mother. She didn’t give up or lose hope and continued with her plan. In such an age, she makes an attempt to settle her mother, is undoubtedly commendable and inspiring.

This is a book that you will simply enjoy, which will definitely put a smile on your face after every turn of the page. The first look at the cover can give you those girly vibes but as you get connected with the story, you will find it completely delightful and thrilling. A highly recommended book for everyone out there, especially for all the energetic teens.

“It is a special bond that spans the years. Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears. A sense of trust that can’t be broken, a depth of love sometimes unspoken, a life long friendship built on sharing, hugs and kisses, warmth and caring., Mother and daughter their hearts as one- A link that can never be undone.”


Happy Reading! :D