Title : Spying In High Heels
Author : Gemma Halliday
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre : Adult fiction, Chick lit, Romance, Mystery

‘Spying in high heels’ by Gemma Halliday is one of the most humorous mysteries I have ever read. And undoubtedly this one truly brought me smiles with every turn of the page.

This is a story of a shoe designer Maddie Springer who lives in L.A. where fashion plays a vital role in her life.I really find her funny and smart.She is logical enough to unlock all the mysteries which came on her way.She is a tough chick. Hence, she is my favourite character in the entire plot.

She has a boyfriend named Richard.Her life took an unexpected turn when suddenly her boyfriend disappeared along with $20 million of his company’s funds. But she didn’t give up. Instead of loosing hope, she solved the enigma. She was determined to track him down. She realized that her every move is under scrutiny by a private detective named Ramirez. The sexy LAPD detective Jack Ramirez, who just wanted Maddie to “go home and let him handle this”, which of course, wasn’t going to happen. He was a man who had a sense of chivalry towards women. The cops also wanted to arrest the killer along with maddie’s boyfriend Richard. The journey continued. In addition, Dana,maddie’s best friend also helped her in every way possible. Dana was truly a true best friend. They exchanged silly stories,rely on each other and devise crazy schemes.The lovely bond between them was phenomenal which was quite impressive.

My Review

The author does an excellent job of even taking characters who are unforgettable and added extra dimensions to make them feel real. Not one of the characters fell particularly flat to me. Indeed, Maddie springer was a strong woman.She was kind of girl who doesn’t break down automatically even her life takes an unexpected turn.She was able to function well in certain situations. Everytime she risked her life but also managed to get out of the danger in any way possible. As she could count on Ramirez and he is a firm support for her, no matter how big or small the problem was.

The author had created characters with whom you can connect with and want to learn more about.Their interaction with each other is hillarious. Maddie, her mother, Dana and her roommates, Ramirez and his family,and maddie’s grandmother, mix of all this together and I’ve got an interaction of laughter and good times.

Later on things gets worse,when she came to know that her boyfriend lied,cheated and then ran off.The suspense was totally unpredictable for me. The author was successful upto a large extent to grab the attention of readers who would be keen find out who the killer was. I consider it to be an awesome combination of thriller,suspense and romance.

If you like a perfect mix between chic lit and intriguing mysteries full of laughs and suspense then indeed it’s worth a read!


Happy Reading! :D