I'm fascinated by pictures. As in the realness and vibrancy draws one near these pictures. A plethora of emotions are contained in them. Sooty emotions. Trifling emotions. Rapturous emotions. A whole range of emotions. And this is something I've been loving lately!

It goes without saying that a photograph captures a moment which is gone forever, but can be cherished throughout our lives. I believe that images communicate meaning to the viewer. The meaning of those unsaid words, the beauty of soul of an individual, a sensation of coldness in the silent winter road, the beaming smile on a mother's face that eventually leaves an everlasting impression of life.

Not necessarily those happy and bright photographs, but the ones that have a sudden darkness and bareness in them. Also, the black and white ones that make us focus on the actual details in it. The tiny details that look alluring. The stories they tell simply do not reflect personality, but they get to the heart of what really matters which is just so appealing. I find those raw moments, authentic people and expressions extremely beautiful.

It's interesting how pictures can speak thousand words.

So without saying much, take a look at these pictures chosen from My Photo Journal :D

So, what do you think about such photographs? Have you found any snapshot fascinating? Tell me what's your take in the comments below.