“There were so many of these moments that could never be captured accurately, even in the camcorder, only in the heart.” 
― Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Year ends are the time to pause and ruminate on the numerous bittersweet memories.With everyone we meet and everywhere we go, there's always something to cherish and something to leave behind and walk away. Each year ends with the accomplishment of planned objectives and some unfulfilled aspirations. So, let me just brief you about the major headlines of this wonderful past year. This has been a year of more joy than sorrow, it brought more satisfaction than disappointments.As if the God showered all his blessings on me. With an unexpected and interesting story of my campus placement, my happiness knew no bounds when me and my best friend got placed in the same company. We were jumping around for joy at that moment.Yes! Oh yes! Ecstasy does that to us! :D 


Moreover, my amazing trip to my sister's place created countless memories to last a life time. I made some beautiful friends at the college, learnt certain lessons through failure and eventually, I've come to a conclusion that having the right support system is incredibly helpful.

Above and over that, many great works of literature have been added to the collection of books that I've devoured. Completing one successful and blissful year of blogging has given me an immense contentment. Appreciation and compliments about the blog from authors, friends and even strangers came to my way which time and again inspired me.

The new year has already begun and here's a little confession. There are no regrets regarding 2015 and no resolutions for 2016. All I look forward to is to stay joyous and light-hearted each day like a child with a new toy. Everyone's measure of pleasure and felicity is different. Doing things I love is my happiness. If there's one thing that I learnt from 2015 is the mantra of self-love. Keeping aside all those numerous theories about it, I contemplated on setting happiness goals for myself. Weekend getaways, a quick visit to a friend's place, spend time in reading and having a solitary swing in my little garden, laughing out aloud over something downright hilarious, pouring my heart out here on the blog about anything and everything; they all are like energy high that make me feel fuller and complete. These things act like a medicinal herb in the times of stress for me.
Predominantly, the experiences of the past year guaranteed to delight me.

We'd all get caught up in the frenzy of our hectic daily schedules but how about pick one of the worthy resolution of keeping yourself happy and positive. And believe me increase the things that give you joy and it will decrease tribulation and worry.

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”