With so many books in my reading list, more stories to post and not to forget, those fancy ideas of dance classes or learning about new culture; I believe these little things impact your curious soul in a much bigger way. For as long as I remember, I've heard several reasons to learn a new language.

So, when I came across this idea of learning French, it proved to be a constructive outlet for all the stress and anxiety that I had.  A foreign language not only helps while traveling, but also introduces you to the whole new world of rules, intricate thinking patterns and structure.

Things that save your sanity and enrich your life in today's globalized world are definitely worth your time and efforts. Apart from having the liberty and scope in career choices, enrolling in this new course rejuvenated me. May be it was to do with a sense of independence in terms of choice, however small the action was.

Getting started with something is easy, but it certainly takes time to master it. I signed up for a beginner course and I only hope to improve my language acquisition in future.