Brownie turns 2! :')

As I sit at my desk for work, my not-so-little floofy accompanies me at the right of my bed which makes me wonder about how different and dull it would be, if this little bundle of joy wouldn’t have been introduced in our lives.

As a pup, she was quite perky and outdoorsy and always used to get thrilled about playing and splashing water all over the place and run around in green spaces. Now she has this unruffled demeanour, but inside she’s a reservoir of enthusiasm, compassion and innocence along with a tint of naughtiness.

For me, she is a part of those familiar morning sounds that brightens up my day, and checking on her is a ritual that has become so intrinsic in my routine. Our home gets enlivened by a series of her eccentric activities. That brings me to talk about how gratified it feels to be back to her, after a long day of keeping up with the turbo-charged world.

To watch her growing up has stuffed my heart with so many poignant memories right now. I wish I had the words to truly express that how heart-warming it is to get indulged in her pampering sessions, and subsequently gaze her in admiration when she snugs in to have a good sleep.

Well, this also makes me realize that dogs are so naive and unassuming that their idea of loving is independent of whether you win or lose. Witnessing her deep and unconditional love makes me fall silent in sheer joy and contentment. It takes me by surprise that how she fits in to build a sense of belongingness and stays glued to my side despite everything.

I can’t agree more with the fact that a million times is simply not enough to explain the fact that a dog is a man’s best friend. In the middle of varying complexities of life, I’m grateful of her existence that helps me understand life each day in a better way.