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5 days to go!

A big Hello to my *blog reading club*… :D What a joyous season it is!

I like it happy

What if we could eliminate the amount of times we distress ourselves? Well, you can.

Roaring twenties

You know that expression, the one saying, “Change is inevitable.” As with all life changing moments, it seems like being a 20-something can actually turn your life upside down! Every so often I hear people (at least the ones a…

Light Up!

Colorful celebrations, reunions, delicacies, livelier markets, joyous family gatherings, laughter ... Here’s the most extensive period of celebration - DIWALI. We all know that numerous festivals celebrated in our country symb…

We break free!!

It was a fine morning for rest of the world but for us it was the day when we would come to know the most awaited result of our “4 TH SEMESTER EXAMINATION” . Since 3 months we all were waiting for it and finally the results we…

A Series of Flashbacks

At any time when I sit back and recollect the memories of my school days, there is a flurry of emotions move through my mind. It had been almost 2 years since my school is over but whenever I remember times spent at school, I fe…

The Joy of Reading

A heavenly abode, indeed. Isn't it?