At any time when I sit back and recollect the memories of my school days, there is a flurry of emotions move through my mind. It had been almost 2 years since my school is over but whenever I remember times spent at school, I feel a wistful longing for those good old days!

Dreams are always pleasing but I never knew that goodbyes can be so bitter.
Beginning the day with a short prayer, discipline, conduct and rules, recess, friends, teachers and so forth- they all are some wonderful parts of school which make it so special and exceptional. It was a place which had become my home away from my home. While I was looking to the old photographs, it reminded me of every hundredth of second spent at school-there was a series of flashbacks passed through my mind. Every so often when I meet my friends, our prolonged conversations always revolved around school- where we had an incessant laughter that drove us crazy, all the letters we wrote, all the movies we saw, all the freakish songs that we’ve sung together, the geeky jokes, all the phone bills that made our parents scorn at us, dull-witted fights… phewwww and so much more. There was so much fun in our paradise!!

While writing this post, a sudden sense of realization has dawned upon me that life was actually so simple at that time – where we spent almost the whole year writing revision tests!! :P Moreover school friendships were, still are & will always be the most uncomplicated, endearing & unlimited friendships.

There’s a good thing that now I don’t have to be very particular to do my homework or I don’t have to attend P.T. or sweep my way through manual work but this can never compensate for all the numerous conversations & endless thrill that I’ve retained so far.

I’ve always believed in savoring the moments. And am so glad I do have too many memories for a lifetime which always make me feel blessed & overjoyed. I wish I could freeze the time & can get back to Raphael’s where I could again relish those moments of relaxation, chortling in the corridors, the raindrops which I adored, in the heavenly campus of STR …. Gosh!! Those were the days! I wish things could forever stay in this way. Because that’s the way I like it! :’)

"Embrace today with a rested heart and celebrate your life, hold cherished memories, forever by your side and like treasures they will continue to shine, there always free, to warm your heart, soothe your soul and to make you smile.. :) "