What if we could eliminate the amount of times we distress ourselves? Well, you can.

The trick, if you want to call it that, is to simply overcome that fear of what random people think about you! And then, life seems pretty amazing, less mood swings, more highs than lows which eventually makes you joyful! Emotional stability or very philosophically, inner peace, is what you experience and everything appears to be more colorful; you do what you wish to, you just see the positive, be more determined and confident.

No teachings or theoretical books can help.. unless YOU decide to feel happy about life and choose to not to care about everyone and everything. Above all, there’s so much to do! It’s just a feeling that one needs to comprehend and imbibe in life.

I like it happy. I like people laughing out loud till their stomachs ache or eyes cry. Laughing to the fullest! I like it when people pour their heart out with no regrets about the past and be firm in their beliefs with no worries. I like it when one just decide to do what’s right and appreciate each moment! I like it when people are simple being HAPPY.. :D