A big Hello to my *blog reading club*… :D

What a joyous season it is!

From cold morning window panes, baggy sweaters to luscious and fragrant desserts, colored lights followed by the spirit of Christmas, indicating the time of year when you just wish to stay in, sit back, wrap yourself and would probably get a book with a cup of coffee and want to relish this amazing and almost everyone’s best-loved holiday season with family and friends. Hah! In my own, I find it great (Although, I am so particularly prone to cold-cough in wintery days, ain’t no complaints!) and hope for no exams, no work.

AND OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO BE 2015 IN 5 DAYS FROM NOW! It is the ending of year when you look back and the first question that strikes to your mind is ‘How fast the year went by?’ I tried to take a trip down memory lane to check whether I fulfilled those “resolutions” that I made for myself, just a year ago. And honestly, I can’t even remember the last resolution that I kept!

But you know, fresh starts are a great time to reflect back to all the things that have made a worthwhile contribution to your life.

2014, has been good. The whole year was like a whirlwind! With many crazy, jovial moments spent with family and friends that made me laugh like spongebob, there were some drops of sorrows and disappointments. The year of making right choices in a way served as a solution for many problems. The year of creating some long-lasting, endearing friendships! Forbye, it’s been a ‘reading’ year for me, the year of devoting time to do what I love! Been a learning year for me when I had known myself much better than ever is what warms my heart!

So, Congratulations everyone on making it through another year! Hurrah for that! Sending across for you all a big bunch of cheer and good wishes! Warm greetings to you all for a joyful Christmas and blissful, prosperous New year! Hope each day of year brings immense delight, love and laughter in your life.

P.S.- Guess what! This is gonna be my last post for the year! Okay that went a little dramatic. Agreed! If you’re anything like me, manage to sort out your personal stuff. Well, as a matter of fact, I have a slight compulsion of keeping things neat and clean so that everything has a proper place for it. It has definitely made my life simpler and happier.As the year comes to an end, give this a try, if you haven’t already! :D