Lately, I find myself daydreaming a lot in the 60 minutes ride to college, in building some bizarre situations in head or envisioning the admiring glances of future or anticipating upcoming events. Being in sixth semester of my engineering, there's not much time left to face the strange competitive world. The thought itself is enough to cause an adrenaline rush within.

Do you sometimes find yourself living in premonition of what's going to happen? Or asking yourself that will I progress in what I am doing? Or do you sometimes wake up and wonder : What it would be like to live on own, be independent and happy? Isn't it the stuff of dreams and wishes?

We all have dreams.
In my early years, I had those infantile wishes which kept changing with each passing year.
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a super girl with boundless powers and energy.
Then I grew up a little and wished to be a fairy.
Then a doctor, an air hostess, a teacher and so on!
But the best part is that we've never stopped dreaming.
From our childhood to retirement, we dream about so many things.
They're that one thing in life we all have in common.
Dreams have no boundaries.
You can dream about anything and everything.
They take you into a different world.
They are important because YOU have always wanted to do this.
They are your work of imagination. They are your creations.
They give you the strength to get through even the worst days and forlorn attempts.They are the reason that in spite of all the odds, you wake up in the morning, try again to make sure that your tomorrow is exactly how you imagine it to be.

The stuff of dreams are like bubbles, fragile but beautiful.
It's like a light of hope when you are sinking at the bottom of non-existence.
It's like you are running in a race to reach to that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
And in the end it's like a paradise which leaves an indelible impression on us.
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