Let me take a trip down memory lane, I see those random flashes of fun-filled memories of childhood when you would take me to local parks on weekend mornings or play those puerile games with me..
Those lingering recollections that didn't take long to create but will always lasts forever..
And it still makes me merry as bee in clover and I wonder how tricky it is to strike a balance between an absolute authority and a true friend at one and the same time.

So, this one is for the unparalleled, exquisite bond that we share, DAD!

To those hands that held me up through thick and thin,
For spending your idle hours in knowing what's in my heart even after a long tiring day..
For maintaining such an incredible equilibrium between demands of work and role of fatherhood.
For discovering a nice compromise by reading some interesting articles from the newspaper instead of sad bits,
To someone I can look up to as a confidante and guide,
Who is always approachable and has pretty dope advice.
To those lovely laughs and inside jokes,
For fulfilling my outlandish wants and wishes,  
But indoctrinating me to savings as well.
For being there for me when I scratched my knee or was afraid of the dark,
To shelter me with care and make everything okay..
For allowing me to swim in the deep oceans of life but,
For always being the pillar of strength in most vulnerable times.
Every time invigorating and amplifying the level of confidence in me..
For making me believe in big dreams and high hopes. 
And working so diligently with perseverance and turning me to the girl I am today.
I owe it to you, Dad!

 I know the man's journey to being a Dad is hard but you've beautifully managed to be my Daddy cool, my First Love, my Pal, my Role Model and my Hero.

To sum it all, your are my Superstar and I am your biggest fan, Dad! :'D

P.S.- 'Cause words aren't enough to convey our admiration and respect that we have for you but we can certainly be the shining stars that you've always wanted us to be..

Kudos to all the wonderful fathers out there for making us realize that,
"Some blessings are like a circle of light drawn around to protect, heal and strengthen."