Title: Maya in Search Of her Trantric Father
Author : Vipin Behari Goyal
Publisher:  Leadstart Publishing
Genre : Fiction, Religious

“Maya” by Vipin Behari Goyal is a book that depicts the story of a juvenile girl named Maya who after reading her mother’s diary travels to India in search of her biological father who was a trantric.

This book presents the events and incidents that take place with this young American girl while she was looking for her father. She lands in India when she reads a secret from her mother’s diary which totally startled her. She starts her journey from Pushkar in Rajasthan. She slowly and gradually explores several holy and spiritual places such as Banaras, Kathmandu , Himalayas etc in search of her father. She learns several rituals about Indian culture. She grasps knowledge about Indian philosophy , Hinduism, Indian art, lifestyle, traditions and heritage.

 Her intuitions and instincts helped her to reach to her goal. In her journey, she faced many troubles but did not give up and continues to explore more and more about her father. She meets various strangers and outsiders during her journey. Some of them became her good friends and supported her to a great extent. She encountered an ayurveda doctor who guided her throughout the journey , an astrologer , many gurus who imparted her knowledge about tantric and its various elements, a Professor, a Music maestro, and a bureaucrat. Apart from this, she meets several other people in hotels, guest houses etc who helped her in some or the other way. She learns about anthropology i.e. study of humankind and psychological aspects of human life. Day by day she became aware about the conceptual and internal facts of a human’s life.

She faced every danger to accomplish her task. As she was a solo woman traveler she witnessed some troublesome events which were risky but she didn’t loose the faith. Instead she became more determined and focused on her mission. Through several people and visiting religious places, she became more devotional to Hinduism. There comes a turning point in her life where she feels India has been successful in making her understand the ultimate quest of human life and she feels that now it is the time to find her own truth.

She drops her mission of finding her biological trantric father and decides to walk on the path of self realization. She chooses to find her Guru. This proves to be an another adventurous and interesting journey in her life that takes her to new places where she discovers new truths. She meets wise people who indicate her several hints and things about spirituality which makes her path , a source of inspiration for others. It is intensely interesting to discover that whether Maya meets her father or not.

My Review
This is one of the most knowledgeable book I’ve ever come across. The author beautifully describes the journey of Maya. It depicts the spiritual pilgrimage in which she encounters several people like sadhus, saints, gurus etc, through them she gains an extreme knowledge about hindu mystics and wisdom. The author is successful in describing the entire travelogue of Maya and explaining each & every minute detail about Hindu philosophy.

Through this book , one can gain much knowledge about several holy and spiritual places in India and can learn about ethereal & immaterial aspects of life. The book also reveals some astonishing facts about hindu methodology. Life of a young pretty girl with different twist and turns portrayed by author is remarkable. The author’s way of explaining insights is impressive and it also shows author’s in deep knowledge and research.

It was a mesmerizing and fascinating read for me. The life of Maya proves to be a great source of inspiration for me. Maya’s character was influencing and powerful. I loved the way her intuitiveness was her strength and she trusted it wholeheartedly. I was totally stunned that how she managed the things in an exceedingly extraordinary manner.

The way how Maya goes through numerous obstacles in her journey but still she didn’t lose hope and continuously tried exploring the magical facts about Hindu philosophies, was commendable & praiseworthy. I realized some of the mystical facts and spiritual realities of a human’s life. I learnt some of the amazing and breathtaking things about our country.

This book was capable in holding my attention till the end. I liked the way how author presented huge and tremendous knowledge about spirituality in such interesting manner. For me, this book was a mixture of immense knowledge and medium of encouragement.

Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Reading!! :D