"HOME" - A place which evokes several emotions. I am pretty sure each one of us can extract an image from this word. So, I thought of sharing my idea of a 'perfect' home and divulge how I would feather my nest.

Every time I think of an ideal home, I catch a glimpse of a cozy creative corner where there's immense serenity amidst bustling urban areas. I've always found home decor, architecture, designs, interiors quite alluring and that's the reason why I am thrilled about the thought of giving a makeover to my home. So, here I go to add a dash of color on my home canvas with fondness and freshness.

To me, home is all things beautiful; things accorded well with your taste. In my opinion, things really add a special meaning to your home because it is the reflection of your persona. The beauty of modern day interiors and designs offers various things to clutter your space. With markets being loaded with plenty of stock, one can really freak out about what stuff to choose!

Of all the styles, I am drawn to vintage, handcrafted decorations along with funky stuff. This combination would glam up each corner with tradition tinged with a modern twist in an elegant manner. Because, I believe that it adds warmth, simplicity and charm of our contemporary society at one and the same time.

Contemplating on the images in my head, let me start with the very foremost part of the home where we celebrate family ties; where we grew up watching and enjoying TV shows; it's the living room where I like to grace the couch, share a cuppa and cherish those fun-filled conversations and laughter with the near and dear ones. 
As mentioned earlier, I am a fan of everything colorful, artistic with a touch of simpleness in it. I would love to opt a large space for my living room in order to accommodate large groups and big parties.Beginning with bright wall color and big glass windows to spruce up my space, I would love picking up decor accents such as cushions, curtains, furniture, throw pillows which go with the vintage modern theme. Further, accessorizing it with wall frames, paintings or sculptures, artifacts, chandeliers, lights, lamps, though not stuffocating, but doing up it in the way so as to have a soothing atmosphere. 

Now, advancing towards my favorite corner which I believe is a absolute reflection of your state of mind i.e. your room. While designing this very special space, I would make sure to get colors in my room. I think colors fit together make the environment lively and exude enthusiasm. By making use of vibrant stuff, be it the quirky furniture, vivid embellishments, bedroom window seat, wall art, lamp shades, book nook to keeping a swing chair, floor poufs or hanging planter in my room gallery, I would redefine my space with a tint of conviviality merged with creativity.

Talking about the heart of the home; the permanent hangout place where we not only satisfy our appetite and have meal together but, this corner is meant to converse, get back to our roots without any digital distractions and it actually charges our body, mind and soul. I loved the way how the present lifestyle influences have introduced the idea of kitchen-dining combo. To give this area a nice glow, pendant lights, functional cabinets, countertops, vintage style pieces of flamboyant colors can liven up the space. 

Being a nature lover, I can't forget to not to have a fabulous outdoor space to repose, heal and revive or for that little tea corner or chattering area; a pretty haven of green is a must! With blooming flowers, small ponds, trees, water fountains, I tend to forget all the stress and fret. By adding a bits of some garden ornaments like porch swings, antique bench, whimsical sculptures, bells,candle lights, lanterns, hanging lamps and pots; would create a peaceful ambience which instantly brighten up my day. 

By implementing the ideas spinning in my head and incorporating colors tastefully, I would love to give my creative cabana a remarkable look. 

''Home is indeed the most loving atmosphere where you just know you belong; where you savor memories; where every single corner holds the aroma of hope, the texture of love. It's the essence of life and will always be home sweet home."

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