Title: The Rose Bush
Author: Priyanka Lal
Publisher: Authors Pride Publisher Private Limited
Genre: Fiction, Romance

“A love story of a young, carefree girl who finds the man she craves. Before their love could fully blossom trying times pour over them taking away the fragrance. Where do these trials and tribulations lead her? The story has a strong narrative which is descriptive and creative simultaneously. It highlights very genuine state of the protagonist’s mind and unfolds some important but less talked about moments in a relationship. Throughout, it carries an air of suspense… fragrant like a Rose Bush. One must not miss this beautiful modern classic.”

My Review

There’s a famous quotation by Abraham Lincoln: “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” The way he pictured the truth of life i.e. everything happens for good. Eventually the worst storms will blow over and you’ll be ready to go into the best times of your life. “The Rose Bush” is a story how a juvenile girl, Kadambari finds the true meaning of love through thick and thin and finally her life transforms into something beautiful and valued.

The very first impression of the book is pleasing. The cover of the book is perfect for the story line. As the picture of rose bushes, sunshine and blind folded girl symbolizes the woman’s journey which has a string of good things accompanied with bad times. Moreover, the ray of sunshine is just like a ray of hope in despair. The blurb and title gives a better idea of the story and builds an anxiety in the reader’s mind.

The story revolves around love and relationships belonging from different phases of life. Like every other teenager, there’s that innocence of first love, diffidence and the insatiable curiosity to know everything. The way how adults are driven to seek new experiences, the circumstances they need to endure to fulfill all their dreams is also illustrated in the story. The author incorporated the entire progress of an ingĂ©nue from childhood to maturity.

Moreover, the story has a veritable mix of characters. Not too many characters participated in the main story line. As a matter of course, my most liked one is Kadambari. Not because she’s the protagonist, but also she’s been an inspiration throughout the book. The ways she deals with every obstacle and also her family and friends issues is commendable. Adding to it, the intensity and depth of her love is what makes her character so powerful in the story.

Moving towards the narration, the language pulls the reader in and becomes more intriguing after every chapter. Though I feel that some portions are stretched a bit which can lose reader’s interest. Altogether, the story is portrayed in a riveting manner. Especially, the elucidation of all the feelings and dilemma of protagonist is something I liked about the book.

By going through the synopsis of the story, one may interpret it as a romantic plot, but book holds an engaging tale with some suspense in it. Furthermore, at many places, the scenario of the Indian society is presented. The right amount of love, unpredictability and emotions makes the book relatable and enjoyable.

Overall, it is a interesting story that has a blend of drama and romance in it.

My Rating: 4/5

Happy Reading! :D