Listen! When the nature put on a spectacular foliage display, do not resist to start all over again. Let the crisp air refresh your skin. Let the pretty leaves fluttering from tree beautify your path. Wrap yourself in cozy layers. Style your poncho in the chicest way possible with kicky boots. Ward off winter chills with delicious warm beverages. 'Coz the fall has already arrived and settled in, signifying the time to let go of all the dead fragments and embark on new endeavors.

Fall is my most loved season. Always have been! The whole world seems to be adorned by the pleasant weather and it's worth savoring. Because it's the time when the nature manifests a certain newness after the decay of old leaves. The cold breeze is soothing and makes us realize that transformations are a vital part of life.

There's a autumn in everything! Something to ponder about. Right?

With the number of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds changing, don't our lives take an unanticipated turn? In fact, it happens to us every single time. And this is something constant in the nature too - CHANGE. Every evening I sit in the garden staring at the nature and wondering how it changes. So fast. So often. The sun sets, flowers wilts, grass withers and then once again the sun rises, flowers bloom, the grass spreads making it as beautiful as ever. Amazing nature! This is what I have learned from this, life renews itself time and again. With things, places, people changing time and again, there's no pause button, but the only course of action to move forward.

Moreover, thinking about the perks of the festive season makes me as fresh as a daisy! The time to glam up our home with attractive lights and embellish our lives with love and togetherness. Such a bliss! Festivities have always been very remarkable. There's nothing more enchanting than seeing lively markets, joyous family get-together and the thrill and delight on people's faces.

There's a strange yet beautiful relatedness between the festival of lights and fall. And that is to expunge and let go all the wretched and undesired parts of your home and your life too. Cleanse and prettify your surroundings with happiness and goodwill.

Wishing you all a fun filled DIWALI! 
Hope it illuminates your life with peace, affection and prosperity.

And enjoy the year's last loveliest smile! 
Happy fall y'all!