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All Bling and Bright.

A perfect blend of excitement and anxiety. Fancy lights. Dramatic pops of vibrant colors. Creative seating. Bollywood beats to suit your mood and moves. Classic wedding ensemble. Scrumptious desserts and cocktails. Dashes …

A Page From Office Life

Almost everyone of us is familiar with that enviable state when we leave behind the protective college cocoon with a mix of excitement and nervousness, and finally step into the corporate world. I joined my first job this y…

Book Review: #IAm16ICanRape

Title:  #IAm16ICanRape Author:  Kirtida Gautam Publisher: Read Out Loud Publishing LLP  Genre: Psychological Thriller

Book Review: 1000 Kilograms of Goa

Title: 1000 Kilograms of Goa Author:  Rohan Govenkar Publisher:  Pirates Genre: Fiction

“There were so many of these moments that could never be captured accurately, even in the camcorder, only in the heart.”  ― Phyllis Reynolds Naylor