Almost everyone of us is familiar with that enviable state when we leave behind the protective college cocoon with a mix of excitement and nervousness, and finally step into the corporate world. I joined my first job this year and the first thought that popped into my head was that I wish I had more fun in college. However, I was full of the joys of spring when my hobby turned into a full-time job. You automatically get occupied with enjoyment when you actually get to make the most of your workplace and your work doesn't stress you out. So, I got serious about writing and it was one of those things that got ticked off from my bucket list.

After landing in my first job, I realized that balancing working full-time and going college may not be easy, but then sometimes a little ounce of support and encouragement from your family and your best friend is all you need to move forward. The transition from campus to corporate is not easy. Right from learning to compose your first professional e-mail to being trained in whatever skills which are required to complete the task along with trying to give everything and everyone a part of your 24 hours are some of those "job things" that you eventually figure it out for yourself.

Stepping in the real world and experiencing life as an adult surely makes you learn a lot. With varying circumstances and a few toxic characters around, you certainly get to find out how good are your people skills. Best about mine is, I met some of the most beautiful souls to collaborate with. It is often said and believed that people usually form the strongest friendships in a stressful office environment. Hahaha! Me and my office squad got along really well and I absolutely loved the way these people have always managed to laugh it off, no matter how tense the situation maybe.


So, it feels good to learn and understand how an office works and to recollect those vivid and heartwarming memories with your crazy office mates cum friends.

P.S.- And yes I feel totally shitty for staying away from this place for so long, but I swear that this corporate circus doesn't let you inject even a little bit of variety into your working hours.

Have you got any memories from your first job that you’d like to share?