A perfect blend of excitement and anxiety. Fancy lights. Dramatic pops of vibrant colors. Creative seating. Bollywood beats to suit your mood and moves. Classic wedding ensemble. Scrumptious desserts and cocktails. Dashes of glittering jewel shades. Heirloom outfits. Those magical moments that we click and cling. The thrill of new beginnings. Joy. Laughter. Exhaustion. An array of emotions.

This is the grand Indian wedding - modern yet nostalgic.

Lately, my sister got married to the man of her dreams and I realized that wedding season is a strange time. Amidst all the preparations and cheer, there's some subtle and also some dramatic shifts in families and relationships. Undoubtedly, wedding day is literally the big day in one's life!

With merging, mingling and reconciling with your loved ones, you also get caught in a whirl of emotions. It's been a few weeks since she was shipped off away from me and it may sound cliche, but I always find myself recalling a trail of our memories together. Having an elder sister is truly a blessing. It's the kind of bond that you sink it into with comfort and reassurance. In spite of those little dumb fights and arguments, you will always have that deep connect with each other. From being your permanent confidante and best friend, she manages to fulfill all your demands. Just a presence that is indispensable, your sister is always an invisible cloak of support. Sharing little secrets, sowing a tiny seed of wisdom in difficult times, cracking inside jokes, inventing thousand pet names, having heart to heart conversation, teasing each other about embarrassing childhood stories... the list is endless!

Honestly, there was an emotional unease while bidding adieu to her, but I am glad as she has stepped into new territories and I wish the best of both worlds to her.

Would you like to share anything that you experienced after your sister went off to her new home?