A heart of gold with rock solid principles and values, a calming presence who had always hit the mark on being progressive and sensitive..Having a grandmother, the one my heart felt capable of loving forever, was an ultimate privilege. From those distinct memories of packing off to my grandma's place in summer holidays and receiving unlimited treats from her to turning to her for life lessons, she was the person who made me realize how incredibly rare people like that happen to be.

For as long as I remember, she always used to update me about our long distant relatives in those black and white photographs and tell me heartwarming stories about how hilarious our parents can be. Along with being an endless reserve of goodness, she had always poured priceless pearls of wisdom in me here and there that somehow helped me navigate through difficult times.

There are some things in life that serve as a harsh reminder of how nothing is permanent. Life is funny and sometimes works in unfortunate ways. Time flies by so quickly that you don't even know when, where and what is going to be your last conversation with someone.

Thank you for those countless years of selfless love and care.
I'll see you on the other side, Nani.

"You left me beautiful memories and your love is still my guide, though I cannot see you, You're always at my side."