A big Hello+Welcome you beautiful souls! 


To put it simply, I love to incorporate words into all aspects of life. So it's safe for you to assume that I love reading and writing. I've always kept a daily journal where I still like to record random things, and born from that love is this little space on the internet.

This corner is a useful outlet of the way I see the world, and consequently I chose to name it as "Flowering Perceptions" direct reflection of my obsession with everything that I come across.

Here you can expect to find thoughts that are delving deep into my psyche related to books life and everything in between. 


My name is Shivani Chauhan. I am a marketing student. In brief, a creative and enthusiastic millennial who is seeking and recording stories inspired by the trivial happenings of life. Currently, I am working as a freelance writer and exploring job opportunities in the content space, alongside my master's degree.


⇾ I hail from a city known for its culinary art - Indore, India.

 Devouring one book at a time! I discovered reading as an escape from mundane, and truly believes that books are the cheapest vacation one can buy. 

 Occasional lover of yellow.

 Also, I love everything extra- cheese, coffee or laughs.

 I find peace while travelling, in music and nature; and perpetually in awe of sunrise and sunsets, green space, winters, birds and large water bodies.

 Sneakers, baggy sweaters, comfy t-shirts, telepathy, good hair days, libraries, re-reading letters, road trips - quirky things that brighten up my day.

 I have an unhealthy obsession for biscuits, sponge cake and street food.

 Topics that pique my interest include productivity and passion, home decor, self care, side hustles, movies, healthy lifestyle, travel, life hacks, minimalism and podcasts. 

⇾ On most days, all I seek from celluloid is a moving and uplifting experience. However, my preferred genres to binge watch are fantasy, adventure, suspense, rom-com, thriller and drama. Drop in if you've any suggestions!  
 So grace the couch and share a cuppa! 
Hope you people enjoy and can relate to some of my entries. 

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